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Emma Roberts
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Emma Roberts was born on February 10th, 1991, to parents Eric and Kelly. At an early age Emma's parents lives in different places. Eric soon re married and you may now know them as Eric and Eliza Roberts. Emma grew up in a family of acting. And of course you may knowher famous aunt Julia Roberts, who is one of the most successful actors in film history. As Emma got olderher father recognized her talent. " I remember her telling me one day she wanted to be like her aunt." recalls dad Eric who has acted himself. "I pretty much supported her in everything she did because I knew it was something she really wanted to pursue. At the tender age of 10 Emma made her acting debut in the film "Blow" along side Johnny Depp. I am enormously proud of my daughter. This was the first film she had done. She always reads her own scripts. I asked her why she chose this one, thinking she would tell me it was because she liked Johnny Depp. And she looked at me and said, 'Daddy, I get to say the 'f' word four times.' It was hysterical." replied Eric of his daughters first film.

As time went on Emma grasped film roles any kid would hope of getting such as "Big Love", "Spy Mate" and "Grand Champion". "I always remind Emma that if she wants to do this acting thing she has to keep up on her education" Says Dad. Emma has been attending Archer School along with her busy schedule, and every day events.

In 2004 her name really got out there as it was announced she would star in her own Nickelodeon show "Unfabulous" for which she plays a cute, spunky 7th grader who plays the guitar. "The most embarassing part about doing that show is when I have to sing. Because it's like there's a whole crew watching you do it and it's hard not to laugh. But I just go out there and do it to get it over with." Emma confesses.

And if that wasn't enough in 2005 Emma Roberts will co star alongside teen singer JoJo for the remake of "Aquamarine" to hit theaters sometime in early 2006.